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Feb. 23rd, 2014


Drop a comment to be added, but only if we have things in common please (^o^)/ Take a look at my profile to find out more. BIG BANG LOVE!

Feb. 20th, 2012

Oh, what to do!?

aiya~ its nearly final major project time and i have no ideas on what to do. I have to pick the subject matter myself and I'm stumped. We've pretty much done every type of do able photography all ready. Hm, I might do another fashion project or self portrait? Now that I have short hair it might be fun to try out a new mad hatter...hm, I could get other models in and we could do proper scenes from books or movies...THAT SOUNDS GREAT! :D....though I'm not sure who would be willing to do it like. I'll keep it in mind anyways!

Holy hell am I being given the cold shoulder or what?! IT WASNT MY FAULT DAMN IT! IT WAS YOU!! 
Hm, thats not fair...but its quite true!


Also, please take a look at this? Cos I'm really quite proud of it ^o^


Oct. 26th, 2011

Writer's Block: Time for change

If you could ask the leader of your country anything, what would it be?
what the fuck are you doing to the country mr cameron?




EDIT: watched it.




Oct. 24th, 2011

how the...why the...?

she might just be one of the most annoying human beings i've ever had the unpleasant unfortune of meeting.


in my life.

Oct. 12th, 2011

hazy orange rain.

went to bradford today. it rained a lot but i was quite inspired by the exhibitions we went to see.

and on the way back on the coach there was the most amazing lighting! the trees were all hazy in the orangey pinky mist and i just made me want to get of the coach on the motor way and take photos till nighttime. it was really beautiful ^-^

i'm starting to love photography now, after being quite afraid of a camera a year ago!

oh and thank all y'all for the really lovely comments about my new hair ^-^ it was sweet of all of you!

Oct. 8th, 2011

i have had my soul taken!

been a while, howdy *tips hat*

facebook eats your soul so...LJ got the backseat >.<

but i thought i'd actually show y'all what that hair cut i got like 2 months ago looks like now!
funny how photo's look better in black and white. can you see the style ok? it looked more like shin hyes 2 months ago but it grows fast!
Life has been good in the ages i haven't posted. i get to finally do my fashion photography project after half term so i'm so excited about that! and the model will have to wear what i want them to muahahahaha! they shouldn't worry cos my fashion sense is impeccable >.<

people don't seem to be using LJ much. whys that i wonder?

Sep. 21st, 2011


i made a facebook. 

after saying i wouldnt for so long, i caved in.

i probably wont use it alot but...

Sep. 19th, 2011

enjoy the lyrics, for it is a glorious song!

geun suk, i am dissappointed. what the shits is up with that gotta getcha song?! its a awful (albeit slightly catchty but)! what are you doing man?! 

i did a bit of translating yesterday. i didn't plan to, i just wanted to learn versailles flowery (such a teru song) and i read someones terrible job of translating it and got annoyed. so i translated it. if anyone steals and takes credit for this i will hunt you down and shoot you in the knee caps *evil eyes*  
some of it could be wrong anyways cos i got stuck in some parts.


Even if the forgotten beauty of your wink is harmed, it is so beautiful that it wouldn’t matter.
I invite you to the shadow of this pillar, take your arm and kiss…
In the darkness the vivid dress is an embracing blooming flower.
Like the sun that is only within my memories, always shine on for me, until you are too bright.
And then I’ll abduct you

...and trap you in the darkness of night.
You showed me your true face, I touch your cheek
Lost things, I recall the memory I started to forget of when we met and when I hurt you, that night only.
From those pretty tears, two people were reborn.
Your kindness still blames me, even now.
The one who made the scars that won’t disappear was, certainly, me.
While I hold you in the waltz, I trembled within our fate.
Alternating in the dance drawn by fate, until again we happen across each other
In the darkness the vivid dress is an embracing blooming flower.
Like the sun that is only within a distant memory, always shine on for me, until you are too bright
And then I’ll abduct you
You’ll want to become entrapped in my eyes only.
Become a flower only for me.

it took me a while but i think its pretty much right. maybe. but i'm quite confident in my japanese skills! can you see the story? i keep getting visions of a masked man in the shadow of the pillar...and the dance in the ball when they meet again...i'd like to draw them.
I would translate more songs but i gots college work to do. 

Um but if anyone would like some lyric translation, i guess i can do it for you...cos its really fun ^-^

Sep. 2nd, 2011

i'm not that smart dammnit!

college starts on monday and basically all of my lessons are in the afternoon, which is a bonus but some run till 6o'clock -__-. and i've decided i'm not going to do english cos i don't really need it. it clashed with photograhy anyways.

and shit! for the university courses i'm interested in expect grades like AAB or ABB! i don't really have the insane brain power to get grades like that! the only A i've got in life is in art! and my photography work is mostly passes at the moment which is like C's. \(>0<)/ gyaaaaah and whats worse is that they want an A2 level in a foreing language and my shitting college aren't running any languages A levels this year!!!! GODDAMNIT! i might have to bloody do two more years of college before i can go to uni! which means i'll be 20 when i do go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *drowns in it of dispair*

but on a lighter note, jang geun suk is on this weeks ikemen desu ne! i was so excited when i so the little preview on the end of last weeks episode. problem is it probably wont be loaded on any websites until tomorrow afternoon. I cant wait that long damnitt! 

and i think my room has eaten the camera cos i cant find it at all. i bet its in my sisters room (known as the abyss) which means i'll never find it. oh and i didn't dye my hair brown after all. i just didnt want to lose the blondeness and it looks better short and blonde than long long and blonde. also i got scared >.<

and no i dont really want to lend you my long black cardigan dear sister but you'll just throw a fit if i dont and i cant be bothered with your pettiness *breathes fire*

*mutters numerous explicits*

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